“Dear Miss Eva, I want to thank you for giving Ila such a great introduction to the piano. As I sit and listen each week, I have the joy of hearing and seeing your ability to pick up on Ila’s strengths and work from that point. Your intuition and ability to learn each child’s personalities and work with them is truly a gift. Along with the great background of musical knowledge which you impart each week, you are patient, nurturing, and always ready to make keen observations, analogies, and and instill a wonderful sense of musicality into each lesson. I love the way you praise but not over-praise. You are the catalyst for Ila to want to know more. What can I say, you are a gift to us, and I am so happy Ila has you in her life. I have seen Ila grow and mature under your loving but structured teaching technique. Thank you so much. I wish I had you as my teacher way back!! Thank you for everything.”

Vickie Kenneally

“I suggest Eva Martin to all my clients who are looking for creative, patient, sensitive and effective piano instruction for their children, although I should hasten to add that Eva works with adults, as well. She has an affinity for music and an innate flair for finding the right approach for each student; I have observed her in action with several different pupils and I can attest that she “brings it” for each and every one. I discovered her by word of mouth through two different sets of parents who had tried other piano instruction for their children which had failed; and when they came to Eva, their young learners began to play with enthusiasm and accuracy, very quickly. Highly recommended.”

Bridget Hodder
Family Autism Counseling and Therapy

“Eva is an amazing piano teacher. Her enthusiasm and ability to work with children shines. My daughter always looked forward to her lessons with “Miss Eva” as she is affectionately known to us. Eva meets each child where they are musically, and professionally teaches and motivates each child to learn, practice and grow. I highly recommend Eva as a piano teacher.”

Rachel Gerny
Co-Founder at Warrior 3 Productions

“Learning from Eva has been both joyful and rewarding. She is a superb teacher. Her methods are user-friendly, encouraging and motivating and most of all produce results. As an adult student, Eva has given me the courage and confidence to continue playing, to practice, and to enjoy all of it!”

Ellen Epstein
Visionary Artist & Energy Medicine Kinesiologist

“Anyone who is looking for a patient, creative and knowledgeable piano teacher should know Eva Martin. She has been my daughter’s instructor for many years and I have watched my daugher’s musical talents bloom. Eva knows how to relate to each of her students as an individual and is very intuitive in her approach to teaching and motivating them. Plus, she is one of the most patient people I have ever met. I highly recommend Eva!”

Abby Grant
Director of Employer Outreach BU Center for Digital Imaging Arts

“Eva Martin is not only a patient, talented, and child-friendly educator, but is a warm and genuine person that we would so lucky to have in our lives. Her instruction and techniques have been applicable to many aspects of our children’s future learning. Eva ensures she understands the whole child in her teaching. Early childhood instruction is successful primarily based upon the child’s positive impression of their educator and I can guarantee that children flourish under Eva’s encouraging and consistent guidance. Children want to please Eva because of her inspiring approach and thus want to please themselves. I have and will continue to recommend Eva to all prospective and current piano students.”

Laura Jalbert
IT Risk & Compliance Manager at Brown Brothers Harriman

“Having known Eva for many years, I am proud to recommend her with great enthusiasm. Her knowledge and love of the piano – and all music – makes her an inspiration to her students. She brings a great heartfelt spirit to her teaching, and is a joy to work with on so many levels. Diligent, passionate, creative, smart, and fun to be around, I can not say enough good things about Eva and the work she continues to do.”

Paul Messing
Creative Services

“My 11 year old daughter has taken piano lessons since she was five. For the first 4.5 of these 6 years in instruction, she did not make significant progress. At all! We were frustrated and tried a few different instructors. Then we met Eva Martin. Under Eva’s instruction, my child has grown at a remarkably quick pace! I venture to say she has learned three fold in one year what she learned in all 4.5 years under other instructors.

Eva is warm, caring and sets high expectations. A quote from my child after a few weeks with Eva “Mom, I just want to practice for Ms. Eva. I want to do the right thing. I like how her face lights up when she can tell I have practiced extra hard.”

My child is now playing classical and pop. (Prior to Eva’s tutelage she never completed an entire piece). She likes to practice (!). She looks forward to her lessons. And she just loves her time with Eva.

We feel extremely fortunate to have found Eva Martin. She is a very special person with a gift for motivating her students. It is unparalleled really in my experience with teachers in any field.

I give Eva my highest recommendation.”

Katie Hope
Marblehead MA

“Eva is a wonderful teacher. She has the ability to blend a warm teaching environment with high expectations so that her students learn to play piano well and gain a sense of confidence and pride in their work and themselves.”

Ana Pint0

“Eva Martin was recommended to me as a very fine, thorough and amiable piano teacher. It is a truly enjoyable journey to be instructed by her. She is especially kind to me, a senior citizen, who is attempting to learn (from scratch, it’s very hard.) It helps that she empowers me to have confidence as well as cheers me on as I struggle to make strides. Thanks Eva!!”

Dale Stanten