Tuition and Calendar

The year is divided into three trimesters, usually about 12 weeks in length, with the summer session on a different schedule. Tuition is due the week the trimester begins or on the first day of each month. There are no refunds for tuition payments, as you have reserved your exclusive spot on the teacher’s schedule, whether or not the student attends the lesson. Lessons  begin the first week of September and will continue to the last week of June.
***Please see the calendar for tuition amounts and calendar details***


Regular attendance is necessary for progress and should be missed for illness or emergencies only. Tuition reserves your exclusive spot on your teachers schedule whether or not the student attends the lesson.

Each student may reschedule three lessons per school year. Please call to let me know that your student will miss their lesson as soon as you can so that I have the option of putting another student who has a make-up lesson in your time slot! All makeup lessons must be completed by the end of the school year in June.  Teacher cancellations will be rescheduled if possible, or deducted from the next tuition payment. Rescheduled lessons are forfeited if missed. Tardy students will receive the remaining time of their lesson.

Please use your judgement and if you think your student is ill or contagious please do not send them in as it affects not only me, but other students as well.

Termination of lessons

If for any reason you need to stop lessons, a month’s notice is required. At that time I will pro-rate the tuition for your final month to reflect the number of lessons you have received based on that last lesson date. The balance should be paid within 30 days.


There is nothing like the pleasure of creating music by playing an instrument well. It truly is a lifelong gift, with benefits in so  many different areas. Research shows that the cognitive and emotional rewards are significant, and last well into old age!

That being said, regular practice is vital to progress.  It not only helps foster the discipline needed to realize anything one truly wants to achieve in life, but your student’s progress is directly related to the amount of time spent practicing well. It will move them forward into a sense of accomplishment and pleasure in their music so that they are not just playing a collection of notes, but actually making music! That makes all that hard work a very worthwhile endeavor.  And, lack of regular practice eventually leads to frustration and a loss of interest.

Students are expected to practice five to six days a week, from 15 to 45 minutes depending on their age and level, with the emphasis on the quality of the practice, not the time.

The Parent’s Role

While students are primarily responsible for their practice, young students will of course need more support. Parents should help set up appropriate practice schedules, and monitor and encourage their child’s practice.

Please pick up the “Practice Hints and Tips” at the studio on your first week. It will help give you
guidelines, and take some of the stress off!

Performance Opportunities


My annual recital is held each May or June. We have had a wonderful time listening to our students play and then celebrating our year of music and hard work with a party! This year, due to Covid, our recitals are online and as a result many out of town guests are able to see their friends or family members perform!  My recitals are less formal in nature (it’s not necessary to memorize the music though many do, and I sit with the
students in non covid times) so as to give everyone the opportunity to get up and play.

I have been on the Board of Directors of The North Shore Piano Teachers Guild  for  ten years, serving as President, Vice President and Corresponding Secretary, and am currently the Website Liaison.    The Guild is a professional non-profit organization located on the North Shore of Boston dedicated to providing the highest quality of musical opportunities for both its teacher members and their students, The NSPTG holds three recitals each year, usually in November, March & May.  The March recital is held in the prestigious Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport.  These are more formal recitals .   Memorization of pieces is required.  Students who are dedicated, practice consistently and are prepared will be invited to play.  There is a fee.

HALLOWEEN PARTY*   Unfortunately, due to Covid, we are not holding the party this year.  

There is an annual Halloween Piano Party which I host with several of my colleagues. This event is a “students only” party for kids in K-6. Students dress in their Halloween costumes, play something spooky, and then participate in games and enjoy refreshments and a goodie bag! There is a small fee to cover the above.

National Piano Teachers’ Guild Auditions

The purpose off these auditions is to encourage students to strive for excellence in piano
performance. The private auditions held at a colleagues’ studio in Danvers or Beverly are
judged by an experienced pianist/teacher. Each student receives a constructive, noncompetitive
analysis of his or her performance. A certificate and participation pin is awarded to each student. There is a fee.



Please feel free to email any time. I love to hear from you about what’s going on with
your student and you! If you are emailing me to let me know of an absence that day I
will not get it while I am teaching, so it would be better to text or call. Texting and
phone calls are welcome as well, but please not before 8:30 AM or after 8:00PM!

Photo Release

Pictures and videos of my students may be posted on my website with your written permission. No names will be attached. On the registration form there is a box you can check to opt