First Trimester Calendar 2018/2019

Announcement:  After enthusiastic response to last year’s group classes, I am happy to present you with Great Groups weeks again!   In each trimester there will be one week where students will have the opportunity to meet in small groups for an hour lesson instead of their regularly scheduled half hour or 45 minute lesson.  We will be doing performance classes, theory, music history and music appreciation, as well as activities and games.  Each class includes all ages and levels.  Parents will be notified two weeks before of the times and classes available so they can sign up for the one that suits them.  

NOTE:  These classes are part of the regularly scheduled Trimester and all students should attend.  Makeup classes will be available in that week also.

Trimester Begins:  Tuesday, September 4th.  Monday Classes Begin on the 17th.

Closed:  Monday and Tuesday, September 10th and 11th.  Rosh Hashana.

Great Groups Week:  Wednesday through Saturday, September 12th-15th.

Open:  Wednesday, September 19th – Yom Kippur.  Exception for religious observance.

Closed:  Monday, October 8th – Memorial Day

Open:  Monday, November 12th – Veteran’s Day

Closed:  Wednesday, November 23rd, 24th, 26th and 27th – Thanksgiving.

Saturday, December 1st – Last Day of First Trimester

New Trimester begins Monday, December 3rd


Tuition for first trimester – Due in full before or on the first day of class.**

Eleven private 30 minute and one hour long Group Lesson…………$420.00.

Eleven 45 minute private and one hour long Group Lesson…………$630.00

**If you have a financial concern, please feel free to contact me to arrange monthly tuition payments.  These are due on the first day of the lesson of each month.

Lesson Rescheduling Policy:  All teacher absences will be rescheduled or credited.  A maximum of three student absences can be rescheduled for the school year.  Religious holiday observance and snow day absences do not count towards those three maximum allowable absences.  Absences will be rescheduled during group lesson weeks or during any lesson slot vacancies.  A rescheduled lesson, if missed, is forfeited.  Rescheduled lessons must be completed before the end of the school year in June.  It is your responsibility to reschedule lessons.  Tardy students receive what is left of their lesson times.  INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Lessons will NOT NECESSARILY be canceled.  I will send an email to let you know and we will reschedule them at a later date if they are.