Are you an adult who used to play piano and want to refresh and further your skills? 

Have you always wanted to play and never found the time or were afraid you wouldn’t be able to play?

There is nothing like the fun of playing piano solely for our own enjoyment! Learn to play or pick up your skills in a relaxing, encouraging, fun environment.

You can choose the classic style of learning and play classical, jazz, blues or standards,  or for beginners,  the new Recreational Music Making for Adults, which teaches the basic skills of piano in a short series of enjoyable lessons, giving you the knowledge and ability to play simple, fun pieces, from classical to standards.

Enjoy yourself, make new friends, strengthen your cognitive abilities! Play Piano!


“Eva Martin was recommended to me as a very fine, thorough and amiable piano teacher.  It is a truly enjoyable journey to be instructed by her.  She is especially kind to me, a senior citizen, who is attempting to learn (from scratch, it’s very hard.)  It helps that she empowers me to have confidence as well as cheers me on as I struggle to make strides. Thanks Eva!!”  Dale Stanten