Teaching is a gift to me.  My students, who range from young children to older adults, receive the respect, encouragement and care which I feel is vital to learning.  I strive to foster a love of music of all types, a desire to play and create it, and provide the tools and technique to play well.   I have taught in private practice for over  16 years and have experienced all different styles of learning.  I can say with pleasure, that it is a marvelous, never-ending education for me and one that I cherish. After raising four children of my own,  I have an understanding and love of young people of all ages

Truly, there’s nothing as joyful and all encompassing as music!  The ability to play an instrument yourself enhances life in general, affects one’s emotions, strengthens cognitive processes and helps foster the important skill of self-discipline. I am proud to be able to help my students in their endeavor to become proficient at the piano with the best technique and understanding possible.  Above all, there should be joy, encouragement and and energy in the studio.

“Music is what life sounds like.”

— Eric Olson